It is an amazing experience to know you are at the forefront of God’s plans for our salvation.  Last June in Jerusalem we were able to participate in the first-ever Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast.  This was a two-day event of  570 world leaders from 58 nations across the globe to celebrate the 50 year Jubilee of the liberation of Jerusalem.

This was sponsored by the Jewish leadership of the Christian Allies Caucus of the Israeli Parliament.  Jews and Christians coming together to pray, to unite in our love for Israel, and to learn practical ways Israel is blessing the nations, as well as how we can bless Israel.
As I stood with over 500 delegates for prayer, I realized this was a new move of God that had quickly spread globally in support of Israel,  God was raising up His Ezekiel 37 end time spiritual army to combat the international forces in opposition to Israel and committed to its destruction. I knew God would begin to raise up cities across the earth for us to gather to pray for Jerusalem and Israel, and to spread its defense among the nations.
When this historic prophetic move of God was released, I realized we needed to seek God in how we could continue in this ministry for Israel.  God opened the doors for us to organize a Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast in Orlando, Florida.
We are prayerfully reaching out to those who have a heart for Israel to join us in this gathering in November 2018.  God is looking for those who are called to be Founders of this Jerusalem Orlando Coalition.  A Founder is one who has a love for Israel, believes they are to be part of the spiritual backbone of defending Israel in prayer, in recruiting others to join this global movement and to labor for the defense and blessings of Israel.
In November we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the birth of Israel as a nation.  This will be a joyous and historic event that unites us in God’s cause for Israel.  If you have a heart for Israel and believe you are called to be part of the prophetic move of God, then you will not want to miss this two-day event modeled after the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast.
We encourage you to prayerfully consider becoming a Founder.  You will be on the foundational move of God for global support for Israel with its heart in Jerusalem and the Israeli Parliament.  How exciting is that, to be on the forefront of God’s Biblical prophesies in our generation.
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You will be uniting with world ministries that support Israel, like Bridges for Peace, Ezra International, and the very core of the Israeli government, which is the forerunner of Isaiah 9, “and the government shall be upon His shoulders…”
Come and join us.  Be a Founder and you will be at the forefront of what God is doing in this day in Israel, “for such a time as this.”  You will be immensely blessed as we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the nation of Israel.
Again, for more information on how to register for our two-day prayer Breakfast or to be a Founder Click Here
The time to act is now!