We were led to join the first ever sponsored Knesset event of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast June 2017 in Jerusalem.  While we were praying with the 570 world delegates from 58 nations, God inspired us that He was creating a global movement for prayer and support of Israel that is built upon the countless years and labors of so many people who have prayed for Israel, faithfully given financially to Israel and supported Israel in a multitude of ways.  We were led to partner with the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast and sponsor such an event in Orlando, believing God is leading people to do such two-day events all over the world in these days of conflict and to be a spiritual backbone for Israel in these challenging times. This November event will be a celebration of the 70th anniversary of Israel becoming a nation.  It will include much prayer, inspirational speakers, worship, education on how to bless Israel, and how Israel is blessing the nations.  Opportunities to partner and link with the many diverse ministries that support Israel will not just be a two-day event, but an ongoing year long dialogue and connection to bless Israel. We believe God has raised up leaders and everyday people to join us in this prophetic time to partner with God and one another to be led by the Spirit of God to unite in helping fulfill God’s plan of redemption through Israel and the Christian community.  If you believe you are called of God to be part of God’s Hand on Israel to prepare the way for the Messiah to come, this event is for you!